CUSTOM 1" Circles Digital Bottle Cap Images - Custom Collage Sheets (CUSKI) for Abbey Juarez

CUSTOM 1" Circles Digital Bottle Cap Images - Custom Collage Sheets (CUSKI) for Abbey Juarez

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*************************IMAGE DETAILS*************************

*15 images (1" Circles), without the watermark, on a 4 x 6” sheet at 300 dpi, in JPG format


*************************PRINTING INSTRUCTIONS*************************
Most of my customers choose to send the sheets out to a photo lab to be printed.
If you choose to print at home:
Open the image in a photo program.
I use Windows Photo Gallery.
Select the 4x6" size and choose to print 2 copies (if you are printing on a full sheet of paper.)
Both copies will print on 1 sheet and they will then fill the page.


These are one of a kind bottle cap graphics. Print them, cut them, and use them over and over in your projects!!!

♥ PLEASE NOTE: When you print these graphics, please make sure to print them as a 4x6 sheet like you would a photo. Because they are high resolution, if you print them as an 8x10, the images will be very large.

The bottle cap sheet itself measures 4x6" and was created at high resolution for SUPERIOR quality with gorgeous designs. I guarantee that you will receive only the utmost quality images for your crafting projects.

-Watermarks will not appear on the actual sheet.
-Resolution has been cut for viewing purposes. The file you receive will be of the highest resolution.

There is ZERO shipping cost. All files are INSTANT DOWNLOAD.
You will receive a download link with your paid receipt.

****************************Terms of Use**************************
You may not:

1. Sell, barter, give away, or distribute in any manner the raw images in either print or digital form.
2. Use the images to make rubber stamps.
3. Claim these images as your own.
4. You may not use the images to make decal sheets or stickers to sell.
5. You many not print the sheets or any of the images and punch them out to sell.
6. You may not alter the images or graphics in any way and sell them.
7. You may not use the images as part of any digital project for sale. Some examples include: webpages, banners, and auction templates.

You may:

1. Print them and use the tags in your scrapbooks for sale!!
2. Print them and use them in all of your bottlecap image projects to sell! :)

If you have any questions about acceptable uses please contact me.
****************************Convo Me**************************
If you have any questions or concerns, just convo me and I will do my best to address any concerns you have.